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Amazon investor proposal to review plastic use narrowly fails to clear

Amazon.com Inc's investor-led proposal to review its use of plastic won 49% support. This is even as shareholders voted down all the 15 resolutions at...

Amazon to get hearing that could overturn NY union vote

A U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) official said that Amazon.com Inc's objections to a landmark union election at a company warehouse in New York...

How to save the Amazon?

A Brazilian company that owns 410 square kilometers (158 square miles) of Amazon rainforest is offering a new way to fund conservation by selling...

Outage shows how Amazon’s complex cloud makes backup plans difficult

Major companies using Amazon.com’s data services got a lesson, about how the complexity and market dominance of the company’s cloud unit make it difficult...

Amazon’s Twitch blames configuration error for data breach

Twitch is a live streaming e-sports platform, which is owned by Amazon. They recently blamed “an error” in server configuration change, and added that...

Amazon, Google faces formal fake review inquiry in Britain

Britain’s competition regulator started a formal investigation into whether Amazon and Google may not have done enough to prevent or remove fake reviews. Along with regulators...