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Digital nimbleness is the key to Financial services success

With the COVID vaccine rollout underway, they have seen far more optimism this year. But while there’s a lot of talk of a return to normal, life post-coronavirus will be anything but business as usual.

Though businesses continue to reopen around the world, the shifts in digital consumer behaviour that was seen over the past year will likely be here to stay. The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation to unprecedented levels. To make sure you are actually thriving this year, and beyond, businesses must be at their digital best. In particular, digital nimbleness, which is the speed and ease with which businesses can make updates to their online information, has now become a major key to success.

The pandemic is still making things unpredictable and so, the businesses will have to continue to make strategic adjustments on the fly. Despite the rush of updates in 2020 as the series of lockdowns began, there still remains a higher level of information being updated on sites, with 33% more updates to business facts. While reacting quickly to crisis continues to be crucial for survival, it’s also important that businesses listen to their customers and change operations accordingly. Brands who are able to show strong indications of better data cleansing will be those who are at their digital best. Online banking was nothing new for some, but there is always a crop of users who need assistance as they make changes in the way they manage their money, acquire mortgages, and the like.

Consumers search for more than just a single business’ services when searching online. This role of search in determining whether a customer will sign up to a particular service cannot be underestimated. The measures that are in place in light of COVID, which services are available online and what the latest rates are, as well as advice from friends and family, these are all things that consumers will turn to websites and search engines to answer. Banks, lenders, and insurance providers now have the opportunity to accelerate their digital transformation, and better meet the needs of their customers online.

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