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iOS 15, the impact on fintechs

On the 20th September Apple began rolling out it’s latest device software update iOS 15. In June Apple revealed that iOS 15 would contain a range of new settings. This is designed to help users to control their privacy. Mail Privacy Protection is a new feature. This stops senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about the user.

If you’re unfamiliar with tracking pixels, it is worth quickly recapping what they do. This tells the sender how many people opened their emails, when they were opened, how often and, in some cases, what links were clicked, or which articles people spent time reading. Without any other data on the user, the pixels are essentially dumb. Untailored content is naturally much less effective. Emails may be delivered too frequently. Many fintechs, channel most of their revenue into product development and growth. While the larger companies can, with the help of their data science team and cache of user data, create workarounds.

The marketing team should audit all of their existing practices, models and customer journeys. The best solution could be to fully embrace zero party data. By asking the customer base directly when, how and what they would like to receive from their company. They then, can create a new stream of highly accurate customer data. With experts who creates new ways of analysing and understanding their customers and business, not only will their marketing team be able to quickly respond to changing data sources, it will also make their marketing.

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