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Markforged announces the Metal X Gen 2, next day metal, and the X7 field edition

Markforged, creator of the integrated metal and carbon fibre additive manufacturing platform, The Digital Forge, had announced three key additions to the platform: the Metal X Gen 2, Next Day Metal, and the X7 Field Edition. Along with these new hardware and software releases are built to help manufacturers reinvent the way they overcome global supply chain challenges.

These advances are designed to enable manufacturers to recover faster when parts break, operate with less on-hand inventory, and minimize equipment downtime on a factory floor or in the most remote areas of the world. The Metal X Gen 2 builds on the rich legacy of its predecessor, the original Metal X System released in 2017. New features such as an external seven-inch touchscreen, door position sensors, and additional chamber insulation, make the Gen 2 even more energy and time-efficient than before.

This over-the-air software update unlocks print speeds up to twice as fast as before. Next Day Metal’s increased production speed will be the key for manufacturers such as Markforged customer Angus 3D Solutions. The team at Angus 3D Solutions needed to produce some specialty tight-clearance wrenches for their clients. Andy Simpson, Managing Director of Angus 3D Solutions said that the Metal X has been an important part of their business since they first began using it. The Scotland-based print services provider utilizes the Digital Forge platform to produce key parts for its customers. He added that their customers rely on them to produce specialty parts that can be time-consuming to make and expensive to ship quickly. Their Markforged Metal X printer enables them to fulfil orders in a fast and timely fashion. Next Day Metal unlocks a new level of potential for them to scale their metal printing business and satisfy customer needs on even quicker turnarounds.

Supply chain and manufacturing challenges relying on The Digital Forge are not limited to the factory floor. The X7 FE is a ruggedized, field-deployable industrial 3D printer for tactical response to inventory challenges in remote locations. Shai Terem, President and CEO of Markforged said that the manufacturers are up against many challenges in today’s market such as rising supply costs and shipping delays to increased pressure from the market. Since Markforged shipped their first printer, they have been committed to quality and continuous improvement, always looking for simpler, smarter, and more robust ways to empower their customers. The addition of the Metal X (Gen 2), Next Day Metal, and the X7 FE to their Digital Forge are important steps.

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