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New dating app Fluttr put the spark with the help of verification ID

The stats behind online dating and safety are shocking. In a survey by ProPublica and Columbia Journalism Investigations, more than a third of surveyed women said that they had been sexually assaulted by someone they had met through an online dating app.

Those sparkly dating moments should be celebrated and also should be safe. Fluttr is using the state-of-the-art verification ID technology from the get-go. By this they enable its customers to go beyond. Fluttr is disrupting the status quo and will be the first dating app to combine biometric ID verification with human moderation of connections. This enables truthful information. This level of security will empower users to take chances on potential dates. They also introduced partial profile viewing.

The dating app’s privacy-first approach is backed by state-of-the-art technology. Jessica Zeun, Head of Product at Fluttr said that when you scan in a document, it extracts that information from your name and date of birth fields. And that is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR technology) at work. They also have NFC chip reading, so if they use their passport with a chip in, rather than asking you to take a photo of it. If their phone is able to read NFC chips, then they will be prompted to put their phone on top of their passport. This will read the chip and send it through to their ID verification.

Fluttr founders were dead set on premium-level verification ID. Anderson et al stated that we are living in a world where shockingly 53% of women think that dating websites are unsafe for meeting people, and 39% of men think the same. There is more to Fluttr’s security than just automated technology. Zeun said that performing automatic checks on the document, there’s also a manual check. This is for checking that the documents are genuine or not. Liveness detection will ask you to hold the phone up and take a photo of your face. On that time, it will be performing a 3D scan. This is for confirming and comparing our identity.

Jessica said that it is no more than if opening a bank account online. They are not sharing our data with ad networks and they will never sell their customers’ data. Comparing to other online activities, they are collecting a much smaller amount of data.

The dating questions will be around gender, what they are interested in/looking for, desired relationship type and location etc., The future of dating looks optimistic by apps like Fluttr. They are supporting in a good way about their evolution into a connected community. With the rise of cases of fake news, catfishing and sexual assault linked to social media and online social apps, the proper verification of personal information is certainly a good thing.

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