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New solutions are needed for new threats

Threat-actors are constantly developing new threats. Also, there are more creative ways to breach an organisation’s network. In the past two years an onslaught of ransomware attacks and cyber threats targeting organisations and industries around the world have been seen.

Attackers are continuing to advance their skillsets. They will definitely bring more attacks, and ultimately, more sophisticated threats. This includes the use of Adversarial AI. AI is one of the most advanced and rapidly fast-paced technologies. Organisations are using machine learning, a subset of AI, to defend themselves against threat actors. However, AI is now being used by these same threat actors. And, that is to target organisations in order to launch cyberattacks and spread malware.

Machine learning solutions are trained to identify patterns and links. This is achieved by manually inputting datasets for the machine learning algorithm. And that is to process. The machine learning algorithm is unable to detect it.  Adversarial AI manipulates the analytic and decision-making powers of AI and machine learning to develop cyberattacks. Threat-actors are able to trick machine learning by training it to think that data is harmless.

Adversarial AI will only increase in the years to come. Organisations mustn’t be naïve to the genuine threat. New threats and techniques, are brought up by them. The ability to stop a hacker before they’ve had a chance to wreak havoc, can be achieved by using deep learning techniques. The independent training by deep learning means that it can process a significant number of characteristics from the raw data. The advanced technology gives greater accuracy. Also, it gives them the ability to predict and prevent cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks can be dealt with at a much faster pace than with machine learning. Deep learning delivers a sub-20 millisecond response time. Organisations continue to be exposed to cyberattacks which could potentially provide long-term damage to their customers as well as employees.

SOC teams will immediately see results by integrating deep learning. Cyber-criminals are always innovating their technology to bypass systems. This should be followed by the organisations also, to protect themselves. Organisations need to level-up and not only meet but surpass the techniques being used by their cyber adversaries.

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