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One App for Total Communications Experience

Our ability to suddenly shift everything to virtual would not have been possible, if this pandemic came before years ago. Currently there are lots of apps that have enabled us to continue to do our jobs. But still, to be honest many online meetings are sometimes a chaotic experience.

Most organizations use numerous different apps for specific tasks. There are usually different apps for video conferencing, for company’s file-sharing platform, another for task management tool etc. Having too many apps makes it challenging to work. The multi-app world is a complicated ecosystem that can lead to app fatigue. In turn, the confusion from using too many apps results in a range of potential issues. Instead of numerous apps, what is needed is a single browser-based app. And that should be purposely designed to make working from anywhere more productive.

Such a feature can help everyone to easily chat, call, share files, start presentations, and delegate tasks all from a central digital workplace without the need to navigate to different apps and remember logins. Collaboration apps keep track of all the stuffs but rather than using another app, this capability should be incorporated into the single communications app so that it’s simple to keep track of tasks. Compatibility and limits per application can also be a management burden for IT admins. In this way, employees will truly be enabled to work anywhere as they can access all their data from Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, dedicated apps, and more, in one convenient location. Now that’s digital workplace productivity – and all from a single app.

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