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PACE anti-piracy raises the bar in white-box encryption protection

integrated key in electronic computer circuit board.

Banks, payment service providers (PSPs), schemes, and other financial institutions can now benefit from a uniquely high level of sensitive data protection and application attack resistance. This is after the launch of White-Box Works. Which is a next-generation EMVCo-evaluated White-Box code generator, from PACE Anti-Piracy. Unlike traditional solutions, White-Box Works gives the customer complete, independent control over their protected code. This, ensures that their encryption keys and proprietary algorithms never leave the customer’s premises.

White-Box Works can transform any C-code into a protected white-box variant in a single step. This is by offering unparalleled flexibility, security, and efficiency. This level of in-house control also promises to increase operational efficiency for the customer. Also, it enables the customer to use, replace and update their deployed encryption keys and algorithms. This is with no need to re-engage PACE Anti-Piracy. White-Box Works has been designed to defeat a variety of sophisticated attacks, such as with the reverse engineering, fault injection, and advanced statistical analysis. White-Box Works outputs code that has been designed to defeat a range of attacks. This is to which many encryption-dependent financial apps remain vulnerable. And that is such as those supporting mobile payments, digital identity, self-service retail, and softPOS use-cases. White-Box Works has also achieved an EMVCo Software-Based Mobile Payment (SBMP) security evaluation certificate. This is by following a successful EMVCo SBMP Evaluation conducted by global security lab, Riscure.

Allen Cronce, CEO of PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc stated that the Statistical Analysis attacks are the bane of all white-box encryption protection solutions. They are very proud to be equipping the financial services industry with a solution capable of addressing these and other vulnerabilities. White-Box Works represents a significant step forward in the encryption protection space and also delighted to accompany the launch with news of White-Box Works’ EMVCo SBMP evaluation certificate. Maarten Bron, Managing Director of Riscure North America said that Riscure is proud to have assisted PACE Anti-Piracy in achieving an EMVCo SBMP evaluation certificate for White-Box Works. This innovative technology provides a unique security capability for solution developers. White-Box Works is not only useful in payments, but also in other fields such as digital rights management, eHealth, IoT, automotive etc., Allen Cronce added that it is also noteworthy that White-Box Works was evaluated as a stand-alone technology. White-Box Works is available now.

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