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Bentley to roll out one electric car annually for five years from 2025

Luxury carmaker Bentley unveiled plans to build a new electric model annually for five years from 2025. This announcement is after its annual profit skyrocketed, as the British firm builds on parent Volkswagen’s push to broaden electric offerings. Crewe, England-based Bentley posted a profit of 389 million euros for 2021, compared with a profit of 20 million euros in the previous year. This is after deliveries jumped 31% to 14,659 cars on strong demand for new hybrid models.

Carmakers globally are doubling down on efforts to shift to electric models. As the calls for more environment-friendly machines grow. Bentley parent Volkswagen – Europe’s biggest carmaker – is ramping up investments in power infrastructure to take on Tesla. Bentley itself is targeting to be end-to-end carbon-neutral by 2030. They have invested 3 billion euros at its Crewe factory over a period of 10 years to aid this transition.

Jan-Henrik Lafrentz, member of the board for Finance and IT at Bentley stated that the increasing demand for their hybridised models, supported by 3 billion euros of sustainable investment in their Crewe factory. This will ensure that they remain the benchmark manufacturer in sustainable luxury mobility.

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