Home Technology Created in collaboration with Microsoft, AI-powered continuous learning platform FLEXA

Created in collaboration with Microsoft, AI-powered continuous learning platform FLEXA

Different online approaches were quickly developing to accommodate for students who had to work and study remotely from campus. It’s now a reality that traditional face-to-face teaching approaches are being integrated with digital tools. New interactive teaching capabilities should be developed by the business schools, in order to create digital environment for the students to get interactive more without having to be physically in the classroom.

Even before the pandemic, at MIP for many years now there is great demand growing by the students for greater digitalization, flexibility, and continuous learning. And this paved the way for the creation of FLEXA – an AI-powered, personalized learning platform. This acts as a digital mentor for potential students, current cohorts and alumni networks. It is been developed in partnership with Microsoft. FLEXA is an innovative platform, which allows participants to decide where and how to access their personalized learning path from anywhere in the world.

FLEXA is now accessible to all and free of charge, and has been recognized as one of the most innovative projects in the world of business schools. This is as it uses artificial intelligence to create and suggest personalized training courses for each and every user. An ecosystem of about 800,000 pieces of learning material, including self-paced digital courses, webinars, podcasts, articles and case studies, have access with the participants.

Through FLEXA, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals can stay up to date and develop their skills over time. Also, digital networking is also possible in this. It allows professionals to keep moving closer to their professional aspirations and help them face the challenges of the ever-changing business environment. Artificial intelligence is used to digitize the process of creating a personalized training path. FLEXA’s AI attributes enable a tailormade educational path to be designed, individually aligned to each user’s skills gaps.

Digital platforms like FLEXA can broaden the boundaries of universities and schools who embrace digitalization. FLEXA can enable schools to maintain meaningful links between the members of their community, and ultimately enhance the student experience in the long-term wherever they may be.

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