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Siemens and Digi-Key partner up

The world’s largest selection of in-stock and ready-to-ship electronic and automation components is done by the Digi-Key electronics. They have announced a distribution partnership with, the largest supplier of high-quality products for manufacturing automation and control applications, Siemens. Their products include, automotive manufacturing, data centers, electronics manufacturing, healthcare, intralogistics, food and beverage, textiles and more. This partner up is for offering a wide range of automation and control products.

Siemens’ will become reliable, durable and easy-to-use products after this. Because all power supplies, human-machine interface (HMI) technology, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and heavy-duty switches to Digi-Key customers around the world. Eric Wendt, strategic program development director at Digi-Key said that they are proud to partner with Siemens. They are committed to maintain the world’s largest selection of automation products. Siemens’ leading-edge technology and broad product offering, along with their extensive reach and inventory, will be a powerful combination.

Marla Davids, vice president of digital industrial sales at Siemens stated that one of their fastest growing industrial automation distribution channels is the e-commerce in the U.S. and they are proud in launching this new partnership. Their customers can expect greater flexibility and convenience. Digi-Key has the online product selection and unique engineering design tools that paves the way for their success. They are looking forward to a tremendous growth, as Dig-Key’s special emphasis on new product introductions.

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