TikTok to automatically remove content that violates policy

Short-video sharing app TikTok said that it will use more automation to remove videos from its platform that violate its community guidelines. At present, videos uploaded to the platform go through technology tools. Those recognize and flag any potential violations which are then reviewed by a safety team member. If a violation is identified, the video is removed and the user will be notified.

The ByteDance-owned company added that over the next few weeks it will begin automatically removing some types of content that violate policy over minor safety, adult nudity and sexual activities, violent and graphic content and illegal activities and regulated goods. This is added to the removals confirmed by the safety team.

The company said that this will help its safety team to concentrate more on highly contextual and nuanced areas, such as bullying and harassment, misinformation and hateful behavior. TikTok also added that it will send a warning in the app upon first violation. However, in case of repeated violations, the user will be notified and the account will be permanently removed. The changes come as social media networks, including Facebook and TikTok, have come under fire for amplifying hate speech and misinformation globally across their platforms.

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